Thursday, March 19, 2009

Instant Runoff Voting Case Fast Tracked to Minnesota Supreme Court

And the Minnesota Voters Alliance would be happy to take this to the US Supreme Court as well. Seems that next court could consider the many flaws and paradoxes that Instant Runoff exhibited in the recent Burlington Vermont Election would be proof in spades that IRV is not fair to voters, does not provide a majority supported win, harms certain vulnerable, and just isn't democratic.

Anti-IRV group scores an accelerated review

Judge rules for instant-runoff voting in Mpls. Supporters expect ruling on Mpls. IRV
The Minnesota Voters Alliance says the state Supreme Court granted its request for an accelerated review of its challenge to instant runoff voting or IRV.
The group is appealing the ruling of a Hennepin County District judge. Judge George McGunnigle found that there wasn't enough evidence to conclude that IRV deprives voters of any rights or privileges.
The Minnesota Voters Alliance asked for the accelerated review in order to bypass the Court of Appeals process and take their challenge directly to the Supreme Court.

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