Monday, March 8, 2010

Were the Oscars rigged? Did instant runoff voting decide the election?

Were the Oscars decided by instant runoff voting? Were the election results fair, accurate and honest?

Monday, March 8, 2010 Voter Fraud
Foot Locker beat out Avatar for movie of the year? You've got to be kidding me.

A movie that no one has seen lost to one that 80 gazillion people have flocked to see at least twice. So what does the Academy know that
serfdom does not?

We don't know if instant runoff voting decided the winner because we dont have the vote data. Instant runoff voting is complex to count and makes fraud very easy to hide, especially when the vote data is not public.

IRV is not additive and there are several variations with different algorithms that decide how votes will be sorted, re-allocated,re-shuffled and eliminated.

We have no idea if IRV came into play, but we do know that real life jurisdictions (Aspen CO, Cary NC, Burlington Vermont, Pierce Co Washington and maybe San Francisco next) are ditching IRV because of its complexity and sometimes bizarre results.

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Fractured democracy in Sri Lanka - if only they had instant runoff voting. Oh wait, they DO.

Sri Lanka has used instant runoff voting to elect its president since 1978. yet the current president is acting as a dictator.

Sri Lanka voices: 'Fractured democracy' Monday, 8 March 2010
The arrest a month ago of Sri Lanka's former army chief and defeated presidential candidate, Gen Sarath Fonseka, along with some of his supporters, has raised fears among rights groups in the country...
"I strongly suggest that the president discuss this matter with the parties who support Fonseka and do whatever is required to fix the democratic process which appears to have been seriously fractured." ~ NIRMALAN DHAS, PSYCHOTHERAPIST, COLOMBO
"When the election result was announced, I was surprised. I thought Gen Fonseka would win. We heard reports, although not in the mainstream media, that there was vote-rigging...
I really love this country, but I am not optimistic about the future. I see nepotism, corruption and a president who's growing more and more powerful. The country is going from bad to worse. The present regime is beginning to act like the military junta in Burma."...
"Everyone who values democracy in this country is worried that the president is getting too powerful. He thinks he is the king, all his relatives hold positions of power." ~ SHIRAN W, 30, PROJECT OFFICER, COLOMBO
"There has been lots of corruption in Sri Lankan politics for the last decade." ~ LAL KARUNARATNE, 58, TOURISM INDUSTRY, MARAWILA

Instant runoff voting is no magic potion to cure the ills of government, and in real life use in the United States, IRV has failed to meet its promise but has made elections more complex and far less transparent.

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