Saturday, January 1, 2011

SF Examiner - instant runoff voting a 'confusing mess of electoral engineering'

Instant runoff voting made the San Francisco Examiner's list of gaffes and laughs of 2010. The Examiner describes IRV as a "confusing mess of electoral engineering."  Another apt description might be  "a hot mess".  IRV changed winners into losers in both San Francisco and Oakland, turning elections into nothing better than Three Card Monte
Thanks for the gaffes and laughs  By: Ken Garcia 12/26/10 San Francisco Examiner.... 
Ranked-choice voting
This confusing mess of electoral engineering resulted in the top first-place vote-getters being denied victory in at least three local races, including two supervisor districts in San Francisco and the mayor’s campaign in Oakland. Surprisingly, this system of lucky losers is gaining traction in cities, when what it should be receiving is the Jimmy Hoffa treatment.
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Yes, other cities have adopted instant runoff voting and will have to learn the hard way. Several have recently tried and ditched IRVSunnyvale California, Aspen, Colorado, Cary North Carolina, Pierce County Washington, Burlington Vermont, the Utah Republican Party and even Georgetown University.

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