Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aspen to reconsider Instant Runoff Voting this November - City Council cite problems with May election

Aspen, Colorado voters will decide whether to ditch or keep Instant Runoff Voting this November. Yesterday, Aspen Colorado City Council members agreed to put instant runoff voting on the ballot after discussing problems with the IRV election this past May. City Council members cited a lack of confidence in the voting method, the tallying, and desire to have more time to compare the field of candidates.

Aspen voters to vote on how they vote — again Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Carolyn Sackariason The Aspen Times Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN — Aspen voters will be asked this November if they liked the way they voted this past May for mayor and City Council members, which involved Instant Runoff Voting — or if there should be a different kind of election all together.

The Aspen City Council on Tuesday agreed to put an advisory question to voters on the fall ballot on whether the IRV election method — a system never tried before in Aspen until this past May — should be scrapped or kept in place.

...Some council members said they didn't have enough confidence in, or an
understanding of, the IRV process. As a result, it has opened the city up for liability and voter confusion.

.."This is a level of detail here that I am not connecting," Skadron said, adding that because different IRV tabulation methods can produce different outcomes, there is a level of subjectivity in analyzing the results. "I'm not confident in this system."

...Other council members said they think a runoff election with fewer candidates in June after the May vote gives voters a chance to learn more about their choices and the issues confronting the city.

...Election commissioner Elizabeth Milias said the election commission that
oversaw the IRV process, which included local attorney Chris Bryan, didn't certify the May 5 results because they didn't have confidence in the security and stewardship of the ballots, as well as the auditing and testing of the tabulation system.

...Their questions and criticisms have raised enough doubt among some council members that they want voters to decide whether IRV should continue as the official election method in Aspen.

"I think the voters should have a crack at voting on this again," said Mayor Mick Ireland