Saturday, October 10, 2009

NO challengers in San Francisco 2009 Instant runoff election

San Francisco is having an instant runoff voting election in November 2009, but hardly anyone is running. Both citywide offices have ONE candidate EACH. But San Francisco has to run the numbers and go through the expense of IRV anyway. Voters will see an IRV ballot for both uncontested races.

Candidates for city office on the Nov. 3 ballot, a local election:
City attorney — Incumbent Dennis Herrera running unopposed
Treasurer — Incumbent Jose Cisneros running unopposed
the voter guide with sample ballot

In the November 2007 election, there was only one candidate for District Attorney, and just 2 candidates for Sheriff's office.The ballot still had to be set up for ranked three choices for each contest. San Francisco
Voter Guide Nov 2007

IRV was supposed to encourage more candidates to run and increase debate. Well, there's no one running, and there's no debate.

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