Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Controversy for Burlington Mayor elected 2X by Instant Runoff Voting

Burlington Vermont recently repealed instant runoff voting. But the town is still living with the effects. Mayor Bob Kiss, twice elected by IRV manages to stay mired in controversy. See June 7, 2010 Burlington Council Again Says No To Leopold "The council gave Leopold a no confidence vote last fall, but Mayor Bob Kiss kept him on the job, and Monday night was no different." More in June 4, 2010: Controversy Surrounds Burlington's Mayor's Office

Combine the controversy surrounding the Mayor's decisions with voters realization that in this case
"the candidate supported by the most voters did not win." See Burlington Vermont 2009 IRV mayor election Thwarted-majority, non-monotonicity & other failures (oops) By Anthony Gierzynski, Wes Hamilton, & Warren D. Smith, March 2009.

Lea Terhune at Repeal IRV Blog about IRV's impact on voter confidence:
The mayor was hurt the most by IRV because it robbed him of a clean win, and voter confidence, at a time when he inherited serious problems and needed public confidence to weather the economic storms. IRV was repealed, with a vote of no-confidence that increased in every ward in the city, leading to a real majority win for repeal. ~ Monday, April 26, 2010 Governor Visits North Burlington, Signs Bill to Repeal IRV

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