Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chair of pro-instant runoff voting group mocks verified voting movement

The Chairman FairVote Chair took a swipe at the verified voting movement in his defense of instant runoff voting in the comment section of a MYNC news article. See Second Primaries In NC Costing Millions RALEIGH, N.C. May. 18. The comments section soon became a free-for-all, with North Carolinians and a Burlington VT citizen taking on FV chair Novoselic and others to debunk pro IRV talking points.

Here is one of the comments posted by former Nirvana band member Krist Novoselic. Novoselic is also the Chair of FairVote.

By Krist Novoselic on 05/18 08:27 PM
Oops, that's "how well". Anyway, I agree that elections need to be secure.
It's good that there's an election security movement - but where are the prosecutions? Where's the evidence of fraud. Who's stealing the elections? Let me know - I want to help put a stop to the conspiracy. Better yet, call a prosecutor, US Attorney or the party that was wronged. Here's another link about IRV information.

First, we call it election transparency or verified voting, not "election security". Second, it is a really really bad idea to belittle the verified voting movement in North Carolina. We tarheels are very proud of our verified voting law. Folks from around the state worked hard for this law, and we continue to protect it today.

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