Monday, February 14, 2011

Instant runoff voting - a black vote in Oakland was 4/5 the weight..

Ranked Choice Voting - Oakland City Council Discussion on February 3, 2011. A citizen speaking near the end of the video: "I contend that.. rank choice voting is rank in terms in what it has done to the African American voice... a black vote in Oakland was 4/5 in weight...than folks coming from more affluent parts of the community..Considering we spent $3.30 per voter .. in education..."

Did people understand the process beyond the marking of the ballot? It wasn't just black people who were confused with the process. Council members believe a survey should be done to find out whether or not this process is what people thought it would be... There's alot of dissatisfaction.. There are many people who have questions about this process.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

DC: Instant Runoff Voting: Does It Make Sense?

The DCist writes about how instant runoff voting was used in DC for Democracy's endorsement process. If it is this confusing, and if results are that distorted - with just 29 voters, imagine if used in real life elections.

Instant Runoff Voting: Does It Make Sense?
But while last night's endorsement is but one tiny sample of IRV -- only 29 voters, at least two of which obviously had no problem voting for a Simpsons reference while determining an endorsement for a crowded field of special election candidates -- it does highlight some of the frailties of the method: namely, how it could potentially award a mandate to someone who normally would only squeak by into office. Last night's endorsement vote won't do much to increase the chances of D.C. using IRV to settle any elections anytime soon -- after all, if some of the most politically involved people on the internet can't figure it out, how would one expect the public-at-large, so used to "one person, one vote" concept, to?

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ranked Choice Voting in California - instant runoff voting in action

About the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting or Instant Runoff Voting in California jurisdictions.Did IRV/RCV perform as advertised? Did IRV result in majority wins in San Francisco? Did voters use IRV or rank choices on their ballots? Watch the video.

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