Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Instant Runoff Voting driven by Political Narcism in Cary, North Carolina?

After the IRV meltdown in Cary N. C. in 2007, why DOES Councilman Erv Portman keep trying to revive Instant Runoff Voting? The Town council dealt IRV a death blow on March 15, 2009 when they voted 6-1 to adopt non partisan plurality elections. They've had enough with the unintended consequences of this well meaning reform.

Chris Telesca, a verified voting activist in Wake County has an opinion, I think its tongue in cheek, but with Chris, its hard to tell sometimes:

"I must confess that I secretly feel that Erv's actions are not that he really believes in IRV as an election method. I feel it's a form political narcissism - IRV is pronounced the same way that his first name (Erv) is pronounced. So for Erv, it's not like looking into a mirror and seeing his own reflection (which got Narcissus into trouble) but like listening to your own name being called over and over and OVER again (like Cary IRV supporters kept pronouncing IRV as one word, not spelling it out)."