Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hilarious lampoon of Aspen's May instant runoff election - with video

Aspen Colorado's instant runoff election this May was controversial for many reasons, not just IRV. There were a lot of questionable practices employed. The portrayal of the ballot box just outside the mayor's office during early voting was not a joke. It really happened! The video was produced by a group called Better Bad News. This is a lampoon of the entire election.

produced by Better Bad News

Instant runoff elections Aspen style sparks a voter revolt on BetterBadNews. The panel hears testimony about how a clever politician in Aspen Colorado, gamed an instant runoff election by hiding the ballots to protect voter piracy.

Can ballots photographed for verification of voter intent be hidden from public view because somebody in city hall forgot to shuffle the ballots?

In Colorado early voting is taken very seriously. A ballot box set up near the mayors office gives voters something to do while waiting for their appointment with the boss.

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1 comment:

Marilyn Marks said...

It's interesting to see what a creative comic in California picks up when reading the continuing news of election issues out of Aspen.
He's been reading about the debate over "voter privacy," which he quickly twists to "voter piracy."
And the city's excuses about voter anonymity becomes a basis for a campaign to ensure voter "animosity."