Sunday, February 7, 2010

Instant Runoff Voting in Oakland- a stimulus package for political consultants?

The City of Oakland has just adopted IRV and now is considering doubling the campaign donation and spending limits since they will have "one election" rather than two. See recent article:

CityWise: Dellums says stimulus will bring 5,000 jobs
By Kelly Rayburn Oakland Tribune Posted: 02/04/2010
...The Oakland City Council won't decide whether to increase the amount of money that can be donated and spent in city elections until the city's Public Ethics Commission vets the idea, a council committee decided Thursday.

City Attorney John Russo proposed doubling both the amount individuals can donate to candidates and the amount that can be spent by candidates who agree to the city's voluntary spending caps. The logic behind the proposal was that with Oakland's recent switch to instant-runoff voting, which precludes the need for primary elections, it makes sense to allow candidates to raise and spend more money --particularly because candidates will want to educate voters on how the new voting system works.

Contribution and spending limits were adjusted this week by the City Clerk's office, and, with the new numbers in place, Russo's proposal would mean individuals would be allowed to donate as much as $1,400 to candidates, up from $700, and that a mayoral candidate who agrees to spending limits would be eligible to spend nearly $760,000.
So instant runoff voting would be great for political consultants - they could make twice the money in half the time, right?

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