Friday, May 7, 2010

New complaints filed in Aspen CO instant runoff voting election-city hires atty

Aspen's May 5 2009 instant runoff voting election is in news again -new criminal & civil complaints

Criminal complaint alleging laws broken when Aspen conducted their first IRV election

Marks files election complaint with DA
City hires criminal defense attorney May 6, 2010

Marks’ complaint, filed last week in Glenwood Springs, alleges that the city violated election law by not properly testing and certifying election software, she said. The complaint also alleges the city violated election law by leaving a key in the ballot box, which unlocked an override panel, she said
The complaint also raises a number of issues with True Ballot, a Connecticut firm the city hired to tabulate the election, she said.

Complaint that IRV compromised voter privacy in Aspen IRV election

Commission mulls allegation that IRV data compromises Aspen voter privacy May 6, 2010
Commission members Bob Leatherman and Ward Hauenstein took up a complaint from Aspen resident Millard Zimet, who alleged he could figure out how some citizens voted by extrapolating data released by the city after the May 2009 election...

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