Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burlington instant runoff voting:-If you didn't vote for Kiss or Wright, then you didn't vote??Say what?

Repeal IRV Blog says that even the instant runoff voting experts admit some votes just don't count...

If you didn't vote for Kiss or Wright, then you didn't vote --- ??? Say what?

A funny video clip from the Contois Repeal IRV debate. League spokesperson has been saying that IRV is a REAL runoff, and Repeal IRV says it is not. Question from audience about a bullet vote, and why IRV is not a real runoff. Check out the answer.....

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Unknown said...

Seven (7) Voter Rights Eliminated by Instant Runoff Voting

1. the right to know the effect of one's vote (i.e. the right to cast a vote that has a positive effect on the candidate(s) of one's choosing) because in IRV adding more votes for a candidate may cause that candidate to lose the election and not voting for that candidate at all, may cause that candidate to win!

2. the right to participate (cast a vote) in the final counting round (in IRV whenever there are more candidates than ballot positions or when voters do not fully rank all the candidates many voters' ballots are exhausted prior to the final counting rounds and many voters are excluded from making the final decisions on which candidate wins.)

3. the right to change one's mind between rounds or between elections (eg. in general/top-two runoff elections more often the top vote getter of the general election is not the same winner as the final winner than with IRV)

4. when many candidates are running and time is limited, the right to get to know more about the candidates that a primary/general election or a general/top-two runoff election affords

5. the right to equal treatment of a voter's vote with all other voters' votes (in IRV large groups of voters whose 1st choice loses, never has their 2nd choice counted including the group of voters whose 1st choice makes it to the final round and then loses.)

6. the right to verify the integrity and accuracy of the vote counts in a reasonably understandable, economical manner

7. the right to have economical, transparent elections that are counted locally rather than centrally because IRV is not precinct-summable. See

IRV tends to eliminate centrist majority favorite candidates and elect extreme right or left candidates, does not solve the spoiler problem, and does not elect majority candidates. Let's keep a voting system that preserves our rights as a voter, or switch to an alternative method that preserves our voting rights rather than switch to a system (IRV) that removes our rights and does not solve any of the problems of the existing plurality system but introduces many new problems.