Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dean and Sanders Instant Runoff Voting FAIL

Dean and Sanders don't know the facts on instant runoff voting, says blogger BurlingtonPol. And Dean commits a major gaff:

Dean and Sanders Fail on IRV by Burlington Pol. Thursday, February 25, 2010.
Failure from the two top Burlington pols this week on the IRV question.

First from Dean speaking to reporters on Church Street along side a representative from the League of Women Voters. He said that the 'Hinda Miller' election did not use IRV, and that it had only been used once- in the most recent election. Before and after that embarrassing gaff, on which he was immediately corrected, he did a good job of spitting out the textbook arguments for IRV. But that flub kinda killed the whole press conference for him, it seemed to me. Kinda killed his credibility on this issue. I mean, did he not vote in the 2006 mayoral election? Maybe not.

Then yesterday I received a flyer in the mail with Bernard Sanders's picture on it...

... more at the link. (Be sure to read the comments, they are fascinating)

Keep voting simple, vote yes on #5 to eliminate instant runoff voting in Burlington Vermont.

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