Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will Burlington eliminate Instant Runoff Voting on March 2? Citizens speak out

Burlington Voters will vote on March 2, 2010 on whether to repeal Instant runoff voting or not. See videos of a Town Hall meeting, also interviews with citizens, as well as some blogs and also some studies of IRV in Burlington.

The message from local grassroots activists? VOTE YES ON #5 MARCH 2ND

Sunday, February 28, 2010 City voters will decide repeal question Politicians, FairVote Maryland, vpirg - BACK OFF!

Burlington instant runoff voting:-If you didn't vote for Kiss or Wright, then you didn't vote??Say what? (with video) "Repeal IRV" Blog says that even the instant runoff voting experts admit some votes just don't count...

Burlington - Instant Runoff Voting Interviews (fascinating video)
Voters who supported implementing IRV have changed their minds.

Avoid a Tampering of Ballots on March 2: Vote in your Ward! ...When you vote in the March 2nd City Election, I urge people who want to repeal IRV to vote at their ward polling station. Don't vote at City Hall or by Absentee! The ballots are stored at City Hall and can be opened and changed!...

Burlington - Person, One Vote Press Conference on "Outside" Money 2/25/2009 (video)
This group of republicans, democrats, independents, progressives want the big money groups to send back the out of state money and let the March 2nd decision on instant runoff voting repeal to be a local decision....

About Burlington VT's most recent mayoral election: "Voting Paradoxes and Perverse Outcomes: Political Scientist Tony Gierzynski Lays Out A Case Against Instant Runoff Voting"

Burlington Vermont 2009 IRV mayor election
Thwarted-majority, non-monotonicity & other failures (oops)
By Anthony Gierzynski, Wes Hamilton, & Warren D. Smith,
March 2009. (in-depth study of the election)

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