Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Instant Runoff Voting Repealed by Burlington VT voters

IRV repealed. Burlington voters repealed instant runoff voting today. The votes are still unofficial but not likely to change before certification. Burlington has used instant runoff voting (IRV) to elect the mayor since 2006

Sandy Baird on @Ch_17 re: IRV.
"I'm perfectly happy with the time tested system, and I'm perfectly happy we're back to it."

Channel 17's Coverage

BURLINGTON - All Wards Reporting
5. Charter Change to Eliminate Instant Runoff Voting for Election of Mayor
YES 3972 52%
NO 3669
TOTAL 7641

Also see City voters will decide repeal question Politicians, FairVote Maryland, vpirg - BACK OFF!

Burlington instant runoff voting:-If you didn't vote for Kiss or Wright, then you didn't vote??Say what? (with video) "Repeal IRV" Blog says that even the instant runoff voting experts admit some votes just don't count...

Burlington - Instant Runoff Voting Interviews (fascinating video)Voters who supported implementing IRV have changed their minds.

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